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A More Integrated Senior Living Option

We at Innovation Senior Living are striving to provide a timelier, personalized and coordinated service model to our residents. We work to bring clinicians, with the right level of expertise, to our communities. We also work diligently to bring in other third-party providers, including home health and hospice, to address residents in their communities holistically. We pride ourselves in having solid relationships with our families so we can drive the appropriate level of care for each one of our residents. We continue to provide more mechanisms in place to care for our residents in their senior living unit. About 60% of seniors express a desire to die at home, but 60% to 65% die in hospitals.


We are concentrating on wellness as another key principle to help keep residents out of the hospital and prevent other costly medical interventions. These are critical goals to achieve in partnering with our Medicare Advantage Plan partners. Providing other options such as adult day care and respite services offer timely short-term and affordable services to individuals that live around our communities.


Living For the Best Years

with our close-knit family