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Types of Respite Care

There are currently over 40 million unpaid caregivers in the United States, nine-in-ten of whom are caring for an aging loved one. As the elderly population continues to grow, more and more family members are finding themselves serving as caregivers. Some choose to do so to save money on professional caregiving, while others feel called to provide care to those who nurtured them earlier in life. For many family caregivers, it’s a combination of several factors. But as fulfilling as it may be to provide care to those that cared for you throughout your life, it can also be very easy to forget to take care of themselves. Caregiver burnout is real and symptoms of caregiver burnout are social withdrawal, changes in sleep patterns, and an increased frequency of illness. At Innovation Senior Living we offer respite services within our senior living communities.

Types of Respite Care

Adult Day Care

Adult day care respite services are great for caregivers who also work outside of the home and need daytime coverage or those who need a break to handle their personal errands. It can also be a welcome source of socialization for the senior.

Residential Respite Care

Residential respite care includes short-term overnight services. This option can be a great stress-reliever for caregivers who need to travel out of town and want to ensure their loved one always has assistance available to them.

Respite care is designed to give caregivers a short-term break. Whether this break involves hours or weeks, respite care can help caregivers attend appointments, run errands, work outside their home or simply take some time to relax and recharge. It is essential that caregivers take care of themselves by taking time for themselves.

Respite services charge by the hour or by the number of days or weeks that services are provided. Most insurance plans do not cover these costs. Medicare will cover most of the cost of up to five days in a row of respite care in a hospital or skilled nursing facility for a person receiving hospice care. Medicaid offers assistance in paying for respite and adult day care services.

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